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Picture taken in 1966 at the National Maritime Museum in England. Reports of paranormal activity have been common over 100 years

Bachelor Grove in Illinois in 1991. Photo taken by The Ghost Research Society. No woman was present when picture was taken

Photo was taken in 1936 in Raynham Hall in England. Lady who resembles the spirit died there 10 years prior.

Wem Town Hall burned down. A photographer took pictures of the flames. A ghostly girl appeared in the fire.

Corroboree Rock, Australia 1959. A semi-transparent female appears in the middle of the picture holding binoculars

Photo was taken on August 17th 1997. A mysterious man who was not present appears in the pic. He closely resembles the womans husband. He had died in 1984.

Boothill Cemetary 1990. Picture was taken during filming of a movie. A strange man appears in the background and no one on set had seen him before or after

El Paso High School 1985. Mysterious girl was not present for picture. She was a former student who died and somehow appeared in the class photo.

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