The scariest real photographs ever taken

Jim Templeton took this photo of his daughter in a marsh by herself. To his astonishment a man in a space suit appeared in the photo. Kodak has verified the picture is authentic

Picture was taken in 2012. A mysterious extra hand appears. The boys claim no one else was around at the time.

The infamous skunk ape. Picture was shot in Florida in the year 2000 by a woman in her back yard. Similar sightings of the creature occurred that same month but this is the only existing photographic evidence..

Neil Sandbach took this picture in 2008 at a farm Hertfordshire, England during a wedding. The farm has had numerous ghost sightings over the years and now has 24 hour guards on site.

This picture was taken at a dinner event at St. Mary's Guildhall in Coventry, U.K. on January 22, 1985. A mysterious giant man wearing a monks frock appears in the picture but was not present at the party.

This picture was taken in September 1999 at the historic Sefton Church in Merseyside, England. The man closely resembles a nearby bar owner who had committed suicide.

Mrs. Andrews was visiting her daughters grave in 1947 in Australia and took a picture of it. To her shock, a mysterious boy appeared in the photo kneeling by the grave.

Godfather's Pizza restaurant in Ogden, Utah had numerous ghost sightings. This picture was taken by the Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research in 1999.