Creepy Pictures

Photo was taken at a cemetery in Texas in 1974. A mysterious second reflection appears with the girl. The child was alone when photograph was taken

Photo was taken in Oak Grove Kentucky. A soldier had killed his wife and kid on the same bridge years prior.

Photo was taken just hours before the man passed away. Three strange objects appeared and are believed to be spirits.

The couple in this picture, taken in 1984, both went missing and have never been seen in years. A mysterious figure is seen in the background.

This was Henry the 8th's residence in the 1600s. A fire alarm had sounded, and the security cameras caught this mysterious picture that resembles the former King.

Photo was taken at the Confederate Cemetery in Franklin Tennessee. A mysterious figure of a confederate soldier appears in the top right.

Photo was taken in 1988. The man posing had lost his wife in a tragic boating accident. Her apparition appears in the window.

Photo was taken at the Fleet Air Arm Center in 1987. The woman complained of feeling very cold when pic was taken even though it was a hot day. She was also alone in the aircraft