Most bizarre pics on the internet

Security footage captures a girl getting possessed by a demon at a Red Box in California.

In 1959, a man was visiting his mothers grave only to find her mysteriously appear in his backseat when the picture was taken.

None of the students remember the dancing girl on stage in a school in Florida. What is even more strange is she is missing her legs.

In 1997 security cam caught a mysterious glowing bride in a cemetery in Texas. She had been spotted numerous times

Photo from Brazil in 1983 shows 2 apparitions staring through the window.

Two high school friends were walking through a park in 2004 and caught a strange ghostly man on camera. They were alone at the time.

Picture from a hospital in New York. A girl resembling the ghost passed away at the hospital earlier in the year.

A demonic girl appears at the top of the stairs in a photograph taken in 1996. It was at a senior home and no girls lived in the complex.